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Since college I have always been coming up with ideas for comics or webcomics. Over time some have become a reality. I have self-printed 2 mini comics and have one on going webcomic.

Ocean Tides

Like the beach, surfer boys and ghosts? Ocean Tides was my first attempt at a webcomic. From 2008-2013 Ocean Tides was hosted on smackjeeves.com, but later moved to tumblr in December 2013. Ocean Tides is my baby and I going to see it through to the end. The comic currently is being drawn all digitally.

Lily is going into her first year of college, but before she focuses on her studies, she is heading to the beach with her aunt on Tides Ave.

Things get a little weird when she finds the guest book of the house they are staying at. Weird things like bags being packed, temperature dropping, and creaky floorboards.

Lily meets a ghost named Alex. Can Lily help Alex realize whats happening around him? or will he forever walk the earth alone? And why hasn't he crossed over?

Push Pin Comics

Like Ocean Tides, Push Pin Comics was hosted on smackjeeves but later moved to tumblr. Push Pin Comics are a collection of mini comics ranging from 8-10 pages long, if not longer. So far there are only two stories, Lost Dog, and 30,000 Feet in the Air. Both comics have been self-published by me and are sold at any show I attend. (Currently under constriction)

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